Welcome to the #CLMOOC Android App Inquiry Group. We use the hashtag #clmoocandroidapp on Facebook and Google Plus

Below is an ongoing list of Android Apps we use to make, hack, play, and learn. If you want to get involved in the project just hit remix. We left code comments to help.

Once we finish (and once we learn how) we will had some fancy pants buttons to navigate to each section of this webpage. We also need to decide if we want to include a tutorial or a link to a tutorial.

Drawing Cartoons

This is a great animation app for Android. I made a basic video for #clmooc.

I will work on tutorials for all of these later but you get a full range of movements and can quickly make a cartoon. My six year old son put one together in no time. You basically add frame by frame and can move your characters. You can also select multiple backgrounds.

Flip A Clip

This is a great app for making quick gifs. I used it to create a #CLMOOS gif. You basically draw with your finger and then can add frames and trace over what you drew. You then share your files as a gif.

Font Studio

This is a great app for layering images with texts. You get many options. You can use a mask or put words on an image. It is easy to use and very powerful.


Dogtrax is our resident Super artist. Super allows you to quickly do a "madlib" like prompt and add text your images. You can then share it out onto Twitter.

Other Apps

These are other apps that need a description added. If you complete a description delete the name from the list.