Whats on your mind?

Amy McCorkle
Wayne, IN

I. laughed. so. hard. MILK came out of my nose! Yes MILK Anna!

Anna Cow
Lancaster, PA

Derrida makes explicit, there is a more existential example of this tension, in that the notion of hospitality requires one to be the ‘master’ of the house, country or nation (and hence controlling). His point is relatively simple here; to be hospitable, it is first necessary that one must have the power to host. …”

Ronald L Kristeva got the idea of power in texts so much better than Derrida. Its what comes before not after.

Mary Ellen Banfield I think Foucalt would agree. When you set out to the pastures of knowledge the barbwire determines the meaning just as much as text.


Kim Jaxson
Fairfax, Virginia
19 min ago

Ian Bogost, who writes about and designs games, has a new website. For anyone interested in the rhetoric of games in particular, Bogost is the guy.

Anna Cow
Lancaster, PA
2d ago

My birthday party. By the way, a happy birthday on Facebook isn't a real birthday wish. Bring me some hay or pick up the phone. You lazy POS.